Monday, November 9, 2009

Accounting Error Creates Billing Dispute

Accounting error caused campus radio billing dispute
The Ryersonian, November 4, 2009

CKLN does not owe any money to University of Toronto's campus radiostation, CIUT 89.5 FM. The transmitter provider for both stations, Brookfield Properties Corp., confirmed last Friday that CIUT's $11,000 overpayment on its electricitybill was an accounting error. Tensions between the sister stations erupted earlier this month when CIUTstation manager Brian Burchell threatened to cut off CKLN's power if itdidn't pay the U of T station $11,000 by Oct. 14.

Both stations lease space from Brookfield Properties on the roof of FirstCanadian Place on King Street and share the same power meter. Each month, they're billed for their electrical use based on theirestimated power consumption.

"It was an accounting error we inherited and never corrected," saidMelissa Coley, vice-president of investor relations and communications atBrookfield Properties. CIUT will be reimbursed for the overpayment, added Coley.

Brookfield Properties acquired First Canadian Place in late 2005 fromOlympia and York, a property corporation. CKLN board members have maintained from the beginning of the dispute andthey have always paid their own electrical bills and didn't owe CIUT apenny. Barry Johnson, a CKLN board member, said CIUT shouldn't have come to themwith the allegations in the first place. If there was a dispute surrounding the bills, he said, it should have beentaken up with Brookfield Properties, not CKLN.

"Instead of CIUT contacting the property manager, which is what theyshould have done, they came to us without any proof that we owed them thismoney, which is wrong," Johnson said.

Burchell accused CKLN of not paying its portion, dating back 10 years,which CIUT noticed while renegotiating the station's lease with theproperty company. He notified CKLN about the discrepancy six months ago but didn't receive areply until September, which prompted CIUT to threaten to cut off power.

Burchell could not be reached for comment.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Notice: Board meeting November 9th

CKLN resumed live broadcasting on September 29th. Most programs were back on air and within the short period of 4 weeks, it appears CKLN has a full schedule with great promise, big heart and huge community spirit.


1. Welcome to new Board members, Thanks Yous to departing Board.

2. Election of officers. (Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary)

3. Scheduling of student byelections to fill two remaining vacancies.

4. Money from the RSU

5. Spending priorities

6. Subcommittees

7. Advertising policy

8. Student volunteer recruitment

9. Legal (there will be a motion to go in camera)

10. Other business

Please note: this is a DRAFT agenda and it is subject to change.

CKLN Update - Back on the Airwaves!!

CKLN resumed live broadcasting on September 29th. Most programs were back on air and within the short period of 4 weeks, it appears CKLN has a full schedule with great promise, big heart and huge community spirit.

On October 30th two students reps were elected to help fill in the 4 soon to be vacated positions on the board. All was done in accordance to the CKLN governing by-laws.

On October 28th, CKLN Radio Incorporated held its 2009 Annual General Meeting on Oakham Lounge (2nd floor, Oakham House, 63 Gould Street on the campus of Ryerson University). This meeting was widely publicized and was well attended by students, community and volunteers. A neutral chair was elected (with an overwhelming majority of votes) to help navigate a long but productive night.

The elections results for volunteer and community reps to the board as are as follows:Ron Nelson and Barry Johnson were elected as Staff reps. Andrew Lehrer and Mike Harnett were elected as Community reps.

On Monday, November 9th the new elected Board of Directors plans to hold its first meeting following this year's AGM. A scheduling of student by-elections will be part of the meeting's agenda to help fill in the remaining two vacancies.

All in all, it is refreshing and encouraging to witness a board working hard to rebuild CKLN from the ground up and with the participation of dedicated and ELECTED reps.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FYI - CKLN Board Minutes from Sept. 11/09 Meeting

CKLN Board of Directors
Minutes – September 11, 2009

Present: Peter Toh, Ron Nelson, Andrew Lehrer, Barry Johnson, Caldwell Taylor (present by phone)
Absent: Toby Whitfield


Chair Toh asks if chair elected is tentative. Nelson says positions should be interim until there’s a full board. Lehrer asks who is interested in being Chair? Nelson indicates interest. Johnson asked if interested and says no. Taylor nominated, declined. M/Toh, S/Lehrer: That Ron Nelson is elected interim chair until we have a full board. Nelson elected chair.

Vice-Chair: Johnson nominated, declined. Taylor nominated, accepts. M/Nelson, S/Johnson: That Caldwell Taylor is elected interim vice-chair until we have a full board. Taylor elected vice-chair.

Secretary: Lehrer nominated, accepts. M/Johnson, S/Toh: That Andrew Lehrer is elected interim secretary until we have a full board.Lehrer elected secretary.

Treasurer: Toh nominated, accepts. M/Johnson, S/Nelson: That Peter Toh is elected interim treasurer until we have a full board.Toh elected.


- CRTC meeting: Letter from CRTC reviewed and discussed as is our report to the commission.

- Programming: Nelson moves for calling of staff meeting. Johnson says all staff should go through mandatory review process. Letter by Womyn and Trans People at CKLN calling for general meeting to elect a programming committee discussed. Toh agrees with some of the suggestions in the letter but not others. Johnson wants more time to review the letter. Idea of programming committee can be presented at staff meeting. Lehrer asked to write response to authors thanking them for the letter and acknowledging that it has been accepted by the Board for review. M/Nelson, S/Lehrer: That a staff meeting be called for Monday 21, 6:30 pm at Ryerson (exact day subject to room availability); Motion passed.

- Return of CKLN property: Lehrer says various property need to be returned. Toh says his past requests have been ignored and suggests use of a lawyer. Taylor suggests that if letters fail to achieve response the Board should then ask for a resolution at the staff meeting and if that fails a lawyer should then be used. M/Lehrer, S/Nelson: That the Secretary write former Board members and paid staff instructing them to return any CKLN documents, equipment, databases, keys, lists, seals or other property and that any social media accounts run in the name of CKLN also be turned over as well as any passwords or other intellectual property as required, by September 21. Motion passed.

- Election Planning Committee (student reps): Lehrer reads Section 16 of the bylaw which requires appointment of Election Planning Committee to conduct election of student reps to the Board by October 30th. Johnson volunteers to chair EPC and recruit two other members. M/Lehrer, S/Johnson: That the Board appoint Barry Johnson to the Election Planning Committee and delegate to him the authority to appoint two other persons to the committee. Passed.

- Staff arbitration: Johnson calls for two former staff members who were fired by previous Board and whose dismissals were overturned in arbitration be re-hired with their status changed retroactively to layoff. Toh states that we should consult a lawyer first. Johnson unfamiliar with issue and would like to see documentation before deciding. Lehrer will seek background information and documentation from union. Motion is tabled.

Formal portion of meeting adjourned (Board remains to answer questions from observers)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Board Meeting - Urgent Notice

There will be an emergency CKLN Board of Directors meeting on Monday September 28 @ 7pm, in the Thomas Lounge @ the Ryerson Student Centre (55 Gould Street).


1. Approval of minutes

2. Personnel issues tabled from last Board meeting (in camera)

3. Legal issues (in camera)

4. Financial update

5. Organizing Student elections

6. AGM: Proposed October 25 & By-law changes

7. Programming

8. Calling next staff/volunteer meeting

9. Other Business

Saturday, September 19, 2009

IMPORTANT: Board Statement to Volunteers & Questionnaire

CKLN Radio has been off the air for some time now with a number of staff and volunteers locked out of the station. An Election meeting took place on July 24, 2009 and a new Board of Directors was elected. The new Board is now in place and we have now regained access to the station.

Although the exact date that CKLN will be returning to the airwaves is yet to be determined, preparing for that day is a process that starts immediately. Needless to say, the re-creating and reconstructing of the new CKLN will be a challenging process. The CRTC is now monitoring the Station and programming must be restored in accordance with the guidelines outlined in our licence.

Due to the difficult task of procuring essential documents and information pertaining to CKLN Radio Inc., we have to start from ‘scratch’ in terms of collecting show descriptions and personal information for all current and dismissed CKLN staff and volunteers. The challenges facing us are difficult, but it is our firm belief that we can put in place, effective and practical solutions to restore CKLN.

In the absence of a Station Manager, News Director and Program Director, we are taking these gradual and transparent steps in moving forward. The following application/questionnaire may be followed up by phone calls or a personal interview.

Please fill out the volunteer information form attached (see NOTE below) and email it back to us (ASAP) within the next few days, you may also drop off the form personally at the CKLN main office. Feel free to include your comments and suggestions if you feel they may be helpful.

We thank you for your patience.


CKLN Board of Directors
Ron Nelson
Barry Johnson
Andrew Lehrer
Peter Toh
Caldwell Taylor

NOTE: Questionnaire/Info Form can be found 2 posts below this message or can be downloaded in WORD format here or as a PDF document here.

Volunteer Staff Meeting Notice: Sept. 23 @ 6 PM


Attn. Volunteer Staff Members of CKLN

There will be a meeting of all CKLN volunteer staff on Wednesday September 23, 2009 at 6pm.

It will be held in the meeting room at the Toronto Public Library Parliament Branch at 269 Gerrard Street East, located on the southwest corner of Parliament St. and Gerrard St. East.

Parking: Street parking along Berkeley St.
Public Transit: TTC Parliament #65 bus southbound from Castle Frank subway station to Gerrard Street, and/or TTC Carlton/Gerrard #506 streetcar to the corner of Parliament and Gerrard.

Agenda items (draft)

1. CRTC meeting
2. Returning to programming
3. Other business

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CKLN VOLUNTEER Questionnaire



Date of Application:

Name: (First, Middle and Last)

Address: (Street, Apt. #, City, Province Postal Code)

Address: (Street, Apt. #, City, Province Postal Code)

Contact Information: (Home Telephone / Mobile )


- Which year did you start volunteering at CKLN?

- Have you ever been previously employed as (paid) staff at CKLN

- Are you currently a Ryerson student?

- Are you a former Ryerson student?

- Have you signed the volunteer/code of conduct agreement?

- Are you still in possession of a Ryerson University ID Card?

- What is your Photo ID Card No.?

- Were you dismissed/fired by the former administration?

- Do you plan to return to CKLN as a volunteer?

- As a CKLN programmer/volunteer, would you like more training to be provided for you by CLKN (e.g. technical/production, on-air hosting, production, computer skills, etc.)? Yes______No_____

- Are you willing to volunteer your time and skills in areas other than on-air programming (e.g. front office duties / computer/website maintenance, etc.)?

- If you plan not to return to CKLN, please state your reasons why.

- What are your suggestions for restoring programming at CKLN in the most practical and democratic manner?


- Show Name/Title:

- Show Time Slot:
(e.g. Saturdays 1 – 4pm)

Show Main Host(s):

Other Show Volunteers/ co-hosts /Programmers/Producers etc.:

Short Show Description:

Programmers please note; While the decision to restore programming on CKLN Radio Inc. is immediate, these decisions may be “interim” in nature, and as such all programs are subject to change until and after a full program schedule can be developed.

Signature / Date

Monday, September 7, 2009

CKLN gets new lease on life: Summer board elections end power struggle over Ryerson radio

by Hilary Barlow

After a year and a half of infighting between the rival boards of Ryerson’s CKLN radio station, a resolution is finally on the horizon. Staff and community members of the station elected a new board of directors on July 24. Last Friday, board members received via email a lease agreement cementing the board’s authority from the Ryerson Students’ Union and the Palin Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation that runs the Ryerson Student Centre.

“Our aim is to be on the air, by the very latest, next month,” said Ron Nelson, former host of Friday Night Reggaemania on CKLN and now a board member representing volunteer staff.

Nelson expects to sign the lease agreement, which he called solid and professional, today.

“I think there will end up being a restoration of many of the shows, but there is a process we will go through to re-interview all volunteers,” he said.

Control of CKLN has been a matter of dispute since December 2007, when program director Tim May suddenly resigned from his post. Board member Tony Barnes was appointed as a replacement, in what some saw as a violation of bylaws since the position was not advertised.

At an emergency meeting in February 2008, staff and community members voted to impeach the board, which the board did not acknowledge. When over 30 volunteer workers of the station were dismissed without warning soon after, they promptly staged protests outside the station and launched an online opposition campaign.

Added to the leadership debate is a history of funding issues. The Ryerson Students’ Union bailed out CKLN on $100,000 of unpaid taxes in 2003, and the radio station sued the union and the university for withheld levy money in February this year.

Then-president of RSU Muhammad Ali Jabbar said that the union couldn’t resume funding the station until the leadership issue was sorted out, since the union was unsure of whom to pay. Representatives of RSU and the Palin Foundation expressed their confidence that the leadership conundrum has finally been settled, and said the rest is up to CKLN and its new board.

“Going forward, it is our hope that the issues around governance have been resolved by the members of CKLN, and that CKLN will continue to play a vital role in both the Ryerson Student Centre and the community at large,” said Chris McNeil, chair of the Ryerson Student Centre.

Joeita Gupta, one of the volunteer staff who was booted last February, said she looks forward to the re-establishment of the station, which she sees as an important counter to mainstream media in Toronto.

“There are a lot of people rooting for the station and we’ve made quite a bit of progress,” said Gupta, a U of T student who sits on Governing Council and is a vice-president of the Association of Part-time Students. Gupta was in attendance at the July 24 election and cited the 150-plus turnout as evidence that CKLN still has supporters and listeners in the community.

“Even after a year of infighting, even after a year of division […] there are people out there who care about the station, people who want to see it back on the air,” she said.

This article was published on Sep 7, 2009 in the News section. © 2009 The Varsity.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

CKLN Board Meeting Notice

Notice to All Members!

The CKLN Board of Directors will be having a Board Meeting
on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 6:30 pm
in Room 322 of the 519 Community Centre
(519 Church Street, north of Wellesley).

1. Election of officers
2. Other business

CKLN staff and members - community, volunteers and
Ryerson students - are welcome to observe the meeting.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

NCRA post: "A Big Step Forward at CKLN"

Wed, 2009-07-29 12:54 — kmatthews

Thanks to local volunteers, and the facilitating work of two NCRA volunteers, CKLN is one giant step closer to restoring itself as Ryerson University's campus radio station, and taking back its role in supporting local arts, culture and information.

CKLN has been struggling under the weight of strife over its governance - uncertainty over who actually runs the station - compounded by financial and other problems. On March 6 of this year, the station's space was locked and their funding frozen - held in trust by the Ryerson Students' Union until such time as the station community could work out their governance situation. It appears that time has come.

John Harris Stevenson of the NCRA Advisory Board, and Tom Richmond, NCRA Treasurer, facilitated the meeting on July 24, which resulted in the fair election of four volunteers as the CKLN Board of Directors. They are about to begin some important and challenging work.

CKLN serves an important local and student community, and has long been a prominent member of the NCRA in the past, as Toronto's "voice of the underground." There is still a road of recovery to travel, but we have renewed hope that CKLN can be restored to a vital position in Canadian campus and community broadcasting.

The NCRA is proud to have been able to offer some help, and relieved to see progress made. Canada and Toronto were on the verge of losing the station, which would be a real blow to community broadcasting and the many thousands of us who love it.

Statement from CKLN Board of Directors

Dear Members,

Over the past four weeks we (The Board) have been working on gaining access to the station. RSU and The Palin Foundation locked the doors in February due to an incident at the station with the old board.

We as the newly elected members of the new board have been told that the doors will be opened to us, but a new lease agreement must be put in place before the doors to the can be opened. As of this date no agreement has been presented to us, four weeks after we were elected. We were informed that by a date in mid August an agreement would be ready however that date has past and we are now told to expect this agreement in the next few days.

From the time we were elected we have expressed the importance numerous times to RSU and Palin Foundation of having the station back up and running ASAP.

The CRTC has express concern about the station and it is vital that we meet our promise of performance.

The board has held off making any statement in the hope that we would have something more positive to report to the members. We wait in anticipation of the agreement and gaining access to the station.

As soon as this happens we will inform you ASAP.

Yours truly,

The Board
CKLN Radio 88.1fm
55 Gould Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1E9

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 24th Elections Update

On the evening of July 24th, I chaired a special membership (general) meeting of CKLN Radio Incorporated at which were elected community and volunteer staff representatives to the corporation's board of directors.

The new directors elected are Barry Johnson, Ron Nelson, Andrew Lehrer, and Caldwell Taylor. A seat for former core staff went unfilled.

Tom Richmond, station manager of CJAI Amherst Island, coordinated member registration and election processes.

It appeared that there were at least 150 members present. All necessary procedural motions, including motions to establish or validate election processes, were passed with large super-majorities (two-thirds majorities). When balloting for the board positions was complete, I hand-counted all ballots, and the count was verified by separate tallies from four member scrutineers, with several other scrutineers supervising.

In my opinion, this election was held in as fair and democratic a manner as was possible given the circumstances.

John Harris Stevenson
President | CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa
Advisory Board | National Campus and Community Radio Association

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Important Update - Re. July 24 Elections

Important Update - Re. July 24 Elections at Oakham House (@ 6:30 PM)
For those attending the CKLN meeting at Oakham House (2nd Floor, 63 Gould Street) on July 24 at 6:30 PM, please be advised that there will be a picket action taking place in front of this Ryerson venue organized by the Jewish Defense League protesting a 4 day course on Islamic history being taught at the same building as our meeting. There may be police and security presence.

Special Note: Ryerson Students are welcome to attend and be part of this meeting. However, elections for their seats will not take place during the proceedings of July 24th. Student Rep elections are organized and handled by the Ryerson Student Union, the organizational body that represents and advocates on behalf of the student community at Ryerson.

Registration: There will be a table set up at the meeting dedicated to registering and renewing CKLN community members (NOTE: A donation or pledge to CKLN in the amount of $20 ensures community membership).

Registration will begin at 6PM.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Urgent Reminder - Please Attend Board Elections on July 24, 2009

Dear CKLN Community Members, Volunteers, Students and Friends,

Please attend, participate and spread the word!

A meeting to hold elections to fill seats on the CKLN's board ofdirectors will be held at 6:30 PM of Friday July 24, 2009. MeetingLocation: Oakham Lounge, 2nd Floor, 63 Gould Street (Southwest cornerof Church and Gould).



1. The positions up for election are: 2 Community Reps, 2 Volunteer Reps, & 1 Former Core Staff

2. Voting will take place at Oakham Lounge, 2nd Floor, 63 Gould Street (Ryerson Campus, South-west corner of Church and Gould) on Friday, July 24 @ 6:30 PM

3. Volunteers and staff members eligible to vote and run for election will have worked at least three hours during at least one six-week period, between February 1st 2008 and June 10th 2009.

4. A former core staff (Eligible positions include: Station Manager, Program Director, News Director, and Music Director) would have worked at CKLN at any time in at least one of those positions and no longer works at CKLN in any position.
(NOTE: Staff members, meaning paid core & part-time staff as well as volunteers, are all eligible to vote to elect the 2 volunteer reps and the former core staff rep)

ALERT! There is a new urgency behind this very short notice but crucial call to action: A week and half ago the working group trying to resolve the impasse that has the station under lockdown received notice from the Ryerson Student Centre building management (the Palin Foundation) that if no election is held by the 24th of July, CKLN's studios and offices at the Centre may be re-allocated.

This new urgency has helped forge an agreement to ensure elections are held promptly. While this short period is less than ideal, we hope that you all will agree that CKLN is still worth the effort to attend and participate in these elections.

In community and solidarity,

TBOR Organizing Committee

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CKLN Membership Guidelines

Membership Categories Eligible to Vote and/or Run in July 24 Elections are:

Staff Member

CKLN Bylaw Clause 5.2a states: “To be considered as a Staff Member, an individual must have performed work of any kind for the station for a period of at least three hours in any six-week period, unless circumstances warrant such absences as deemed reasonable by the core-staff, subject to Board review." Clause 5.2 states that a staff member includes core staff, part-time staff and volunteer staff.

To be considered a Staff Member for the purposes of this meeting, you must have worked or volunteered at CKLN for at least 3 hours in any 6-week period between February 1st 2008 and March 31st 2009.

Community Member

CKLN Bylaw Clause 5.3 states: “To qualify as a Community Member, an individual shall not be Student, core or part-time Staff member and must make a minimum contribution to CKLN each year as established by the Board from time to time.”

For the purpose of this meeting, to be considered a Community Member, you must have made a receipted donation in 2008-09 in the amount of at least $20, or make a donation of at least $20 at the meeting.

Staff Member

CKLN Bylaw Clause 5.2a states: “To be considered as a Staff Member, an individual must have performed work of any kind for the station for a period of at least three hours in any six-week period, unless circumstances warrant such absences as deemed reasonable by the core-staff, subject to Board review." Clause 5.2 states that a staff member includes core staff, part-time staff and volunteer staff.

To be considered a Staff Member for the purposes of this meeting, you must have worked or volunteered at CKLN for at least 3 hours in any 6-week period between February 1st 2008 and March 31st 2009.

Former Core Staff

CKLN Bylaw Clause 5.3a: “The Core Staff shall be in the employment of the Board of Directors and will be comprised of a Station Manager, a Program Director, a News Director and a Music Director.”

To be Former Core Staff, you must have been previously employed at CKLN as one of: Station Manager, Program Director, News Director or Music Director. Further, you must not be employed presently at CKLN in any capacity.

Context for CKLN July 24 Board Elections '09

July 21, 2009

1.0 Over the last 12-14 months, there have been numerous occasions where disputes at or about CKLN have ended in the police being called to the Ryerson Student Centre at 55 Gould St. and at
the CKLN offices. This has been well publicized in various media.

1.1 Approximately four months ago, there was a break in at CKLN. It is alleged that the break in was perpetrated by a person who purports to be a CKLN Board member (Paulette Hamilton) and a former paid staff member (David James Cooper). The police were called. It is reported that police responded in at least seven cars. Paulette Hamilton and David James Cooper were arrested and led away in handcuffs.

A short time after that incident, the “Palin Foundation” operating as “The Ryerson Student Centre” chose to lock out CKLN staff and management for security and safety reasons.

On or about July 9, 2009, a written notice - dated July 6, 2009 - was posted at the entrance of the CKLN offices at 55 Gould St. (“The Space”).

In its notice, the Palin Foundation stated that there must be an election no later than July 24, 2009 to elect directors to the Board of CKLN or “The Space” (CKLN offices) would be “reallocated” to a different group or purpose at their discretion. The notice included a statement that the governance dispute has gone on for over a year.

The ultimatum by the Palin Foundation clearly threatens the continued existence of CKLN Inc – 88.1 FM.

There must be an election on July 24, 2009 to meet the Palin Foundation ultimatum and provide an opportunity for CKLN to reoccupy “The Space” at 55 Gould St.

All individuals purporting to act as boards of CKLN have been apprised of the Palin Foundation ultimatum via the email (ALL LIST).

A short term committee has formed to implement the election process. The committee’s membership as of July 12, 2009 is: Conrad Collaco, Michael Harnett, Arnold Minors, Ron Nelson, and PeterToh.


Re. July 24 CKLN Board Elections

This is a notice of a Special Meeting called for the purpose of electing five non-student members to the Board of Directors of CKLN.

Date of Meeting: July 24 2009
Time of Meeting: 6:30 pm
Place of Meeting: Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould St. – Oakham Lounge


1. Welcome
2. Presentation - Context/Rationale for Election and Financial Condition of CKLN
3. Call for Nominations
4. Presentation by Candidates
5. Questions of and Responses by Candidates
6. Election
7. Break (during which votes will be counted)
8. Reporting of Votes and Ratification of Votes
9. Adjournment

Election Process

Votes will be for two Community Members representatives; two Volunteer representatives and one former core staff member representative.

All qualified persons are eligible to vote at this election. (See the appendix for eligibility criteria and process to ensure that you are registered to vote.)

Authorization for Process

This meeting has been called as a result of collaboration of people who have acted as members of groups purporting to be Board members of CKLN. In order for student fees to be transferred to CKLN, there must be a transparent, democratic voting process that creates an agreed-upon Board of Directors for CKLN. Such a democratic voting process will allow CKLN to again move forward with its programming and service to the community. In addition, the Ryerson Student Centre Board issued an ultimatum that there must be an election by July 24. (see attached document putting this notice in context.)

Issued by: Conrad Collaco, Michael Harnett, Arnold Minors, Ron Nelson, Peter Toh
21 July 2009

Appendix 1: Voter Eligibility Criteria and Registration Process

Voter Eligibility Criteria

CKLN has three classes of membership: Student, Staff and Community. All CKLN members are entitled to attend this Special Meeting. Community members vote for Community representatives to the Board. Staff members vote for Staff representatives (Volunteer and Former Core Staff) to the Board.

STAFF MEMBER - A Staff member includes core staff, part-time staff and volunteer staff of CKLN. To be considered a Staff Member and to be able to vote at the meeting on June 23rd, an individual must have performed work of any kind for the station for a period of at least three hours in any six-week period at any time between February 1, 2008 and July 24, 2009.

COMMUNITY MEMBER - To qualify as a Community Member, an individual shall not be Student, core or part-time Staff member. In addition, s/he must have contributed at least $20 to CKLN between February 1, 2008 and July 24, 2009, providing s/he can show a receipt from CKLN for the donation. If an individual has a receipt for less than $20 contributed to the station, s/he can make up the difference between his/her payment and $20 and become a member.

Registration Process

People will be able to register to vote as of 6 pm at the Oakham Lounge at 55 Gould St. (Ryerson Student Centre) on Friday, July 24th. Registration documents are attached, for your information. It will be helpful to complete the appropriate document and bring it with you on Friday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Urgent Update Re. Elections re-schedule

Dear CKLN Community Members, Volunteers and Friends,

A meeting to hold elections to CKLN's board of directors will be held on the evening of Friday July 24, 2009.

During the last few weeks since our last efforts to hold an election were unsuccessful, many of us have been working to bring about a solution that would return CKLN to air as the valuable and accessible community broadcaster we have loved.

Tonight (July 10) we came to an agreement that elections would be held on July 24, 2009. Notice of the meeting has been posted at 55 Gould Street on the Ryerson Campus.


There is a new urgency that has helped compel our working group to choose the 24th as an election date. Earlier this week we received notice from the group that manages the space that CKLN inhabits. We have been informed that if no election is held by the 24th of July, CKLN's studios and offices in the Campus Centre may be re allocated. This new urgency has helped forge an agreement to ensure elections are held promptly.

This election date is two weeks away. While this short period is less than ideal and the long journey we have taken to get here has exhausted much energy and enthusiasm, I hope you will agree that CKLN is still worth the effort to attend and participate in these elections.


- Who: The positions for which there will be an election include Community Representatives (2), Volunteer Representatives (2) and Former Core Staff Representative(1).
- Where: 55 Gould Street - Ryerson Campus - Room TBA.
- When: July 24, 2009. Exact time is TBA but likely 6:30 or 7 pm.

We will provide more detail as soon as possible, but expectations are that some conditions for the election will be:

1. Volunteers and staff members eligible to vote and run for election will have worked at least three hours in at least one six week period , between 1 February 2008 and 10 June 2009.
2. A former core staff (Station Manager, Program Director, News Director, or Music Director) would have worked at CKLN at any time in at least one of those positions and no longer works at CKLN in any position. (Staff members - core staff, part-time staff and volunteers are eligible to vote for volunteer representatives and former core staff representative.)


I do not issue this email on behalf of the other members of this working group, merely as an individual present at the meeting where these details were discussed, who has chosen to report the results.

What CKLN now becomes will depend on the commitment of you in the communities to whom CKLN has given voice for 25 years. Please make your voice heard on CKLN's behalf at the July 24, 2009 election. This may be our last chance.

In Solidarity
Conrad Collaco
(Former Core Staff Board Rep.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IMPORTANT UPDATE re. June 14 elections

Dear CKLN Community Members, Volunteers and Friends,

Elections previously announced to take place on June 14th to fill 5 seats on the CKLN Board of Directors have been re-scheduled. 

NOTE: A new date and time will be shortly posted on this blog as soon as it is confirmed.

The positions for which there will be an election include Community Representatives (2), Volunteer Representatives (2) and Former Core Staff Representative (1).

For more information contact:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

COMMUNITY MEETING - Re. June 14 Elections

The board of directors elected by community and volunteers at CKLN through the elections held in April and May of 2008 will be holding an information meeting for members of the CKLN community. The BoD will address the upcoming elections to be held on Sunday June 14 at 2 pm. 

This meeting will be held between 7-9 PM on Thursday June 4, 2009 @ OISE, 2nd Floor, Room 2227.

All are encouraged to attend.

A location address and directions will be posted shortly. We know this is short notice and appreciate any effort you can make to attend this meeting. For more information please contact Catherine at 416.533.6630 or

Update Re. Upcoming Elections to Help Reclaim CKLN!

Dear CKLN Community Members, Volunteers and Friends,

About three weeks ago we sent out a message informing you all of our intention to hold elections to CKLN's Board of Directors on June 14. We remain committed to holding fair and democratic elections. The positions for which there will be an election include Community Representatives
(2), Volunteer Representatives (2) and Former Core Staff Representative (1).

That date is coming closer and our plans are on track.

The meeting will take place Sunday June 14 at 2pm. The location is still to be determined. We are working to arrange the meeting at Ryerson, if possible.

We have been working with Michael Harnett, Mercedez Otway, Peter Toh and Toby Whitfield to build a consensus on how this election will run. Their contributions have been valuable.

With them we have agreed on the following conditions for the election:

1. Volunteers and staff members eligible to vote and run for election will have worked at least three hours in at least one six week period , between 1 February 2008 and 10 June 2009.

2. A former core staff (Station Manager, Program Director, News Director, or Music Director) would have worked at CKLN at any time in at least one of those positions and no longer works at CKLN in any position. (Staff members - core staff, part-time staff and volunteers are eligible to vote for volunteer representatives and former core staff representative.)

3. Community members must have contributed at least $20 to CKLN by June 12 2009. A community member may not be a Student, core or part-time Staff member. Community members may still contribute this amount.

Directors must be residents in Canada; 18 years of age or older, with power under law to contract. At least 80% of directors must be Canadian citizens.


We would like to talk more about this meeting with members of the CKLN community. We plan to do this between 7-9PM on Thursday June 4, 2009. We know this is short notice and appreciate any effort you can make to attend this meeting. Please monitor this list for details regarding the location.

Thank you all, in this community of volunteers, students and listeners for getting us to this point. Please continue that work by encouraging fellow community members and volunteers to attend these meetings.

Please help get the word out.

In Solidarity

Conrad Collaco
Heather Douglas
Geoff McDonald
Arnold Minors
Ron Nelson

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A Message from the Board:

Dear CKLN Community Members, Volunteers and Friends,

Some important events have taken place over the last few days in our efforts to return CKLN to a place where we demonstrate commitment to our mission through volunteers, students and community members.

We have learned that the group, led by Tony Barnes, that occupied CKLN for many months has dropped its lawsuit against the RSU. In addition, it appears that all members of this group have now resigned from their “board”.

We have spoken with RSU and continued dialogue with members of the board consisting of Mike Harnett, Mercedes Otway, Peter Toh, and Mary Young. Both of those groups have committed to us an interest in developing plans that would lead to open, public elections for a new Board of Directors for CKLN.

We are happy to announce that Sunday June 14 has been set, tentatively, as the date for those elections. The location is to be determined. We will announce more about that meeting as soon as possible. Community, volunteer and former core staff elections will be held on that date.

All of you, in this community of volunteers, students and listeners, have done much work to get us to the point when a return to the station is within reach. We are now in the moments where we can start to rebuild this great community radio station. Some of this work will include energizing our friends, some of whom may have given up, resigned to the belief that the station could not be won back. Please help get the word out.

What CKLN now becomes will depend on the commitment of you in the communities to whom CKLN has given voice for 25 years. The hard work of winning the station back is now almost over. The hard work of reshaping this great community radio station is just beginning.

In Solidarity

Conrad Collaco
Heather Douglas
Geoff MacDonald
Arnold Minors
Ron Nelson

Monday, April 13, 2009

Special Public Meeting This Tuesday!

April 14th 2009
From 6-8pm
@ The 519 on Church St, Room 322

All concerned members (staff, volunteer, community, student) and supporters welcome.

It is now over a year that CKLN has been without a functioning Board of Directors or proper management. Since last May, over 60 volunteers and staff have been forced out of CKLN. Some of these programmers/volunteers had provided more than a decade of service at the station.

In February of 2008, in response to oppressive behaviour of the Board and management at that time, a Special Membership Meeting was held at which a decision was collectively made to dismiss the non-student members of the board and elect their replacements. However, the legitimate new board was never allowed to take over management of the station. And in retaliation for the SGM, the dismissed management and impeached board carried out dismissals of participating volunteers.

In the past month, the situation at CKLN has deteriorated dramatically. The space has been shut down for an indefinite period by the university administration. All those programmers who were still hosting and producing shows at CKLN have been locked out. The program grid once filled with cutting edge, vibrant and progressive content has now been replaced by archived material and long periods of dead air. Currently only two people are authorized to enter the premises to program archived material for broadcast.

This is a crucial turning point in the fight to save CKLN.

Join us for this CKLN Membership meeting to learn more about recent developments, current legal actions and to brainstorm for solutions to end this crisis.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take Back Our Radio Broadcast Ready for Replay!

Our National Radio Action has been archived at Radio4All

The archives include all shows featured during our March 11th broadcast from the Imperial Pub in Toronto and through

Please send us an email if you download and replay this material,

Saturday, March 14, 2009


To the Sisters Stations across Canada that carried our signal and broadcast; your support and solidarity means a great deal and was part of our success in making this special broadcast in exile happen! And many thanks also to your listeners for their most valued and appreciated attention!

CKUT in Montreal (90.3 FM,

CHRY in Toronto (105.5 FM,

CFRU in Guelph (93.3 FM,

CJUM in Manitoba (101.5 FM,

Co-op Radio in Vancouver (102.7 FM,

The Black Mask Show on CKUW in Winnipeg (95.9 FM,

CHSR in Fredericton (97.9 FM,

CFRC in Kingston (101.9 FM,

We also want to send out a shout out to those sister radio stations that will be downloading and re-playing archived material from this broadcast. These include:

CJSF in Burnaby (90.1 FM,

KNFS-LP 98.1 FM in Tulare, California

We also want to thank organizations, small businesses and community allies who have stepped up, endorsed this broadcast and/or contributed to making it a reality.. You are all fine examples of what community radio is all about! These are:

CAPA - The Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault
The Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students at Ryerson
Basics Community Newsletter
Basics Radio
The Canadian Federation of Students
Christine Gude
Eric Mills
Dr. Beverly Lewis

Stephane Bertrand (CKUT’s host of the Avalanche)
Siue at Boardwalk Chocolates
My Market Bakery & Cheese Magic
The Toronto IWD Fair organizers
Ron Nelson, Lisa West & REGGAEMANIA.COM

And to the owners and staff at the Imperial Pub for allowing us the space to broadcast and for accommodating our group and organizing efforts now and always!

Also, one big round for two strong and special womyn whose support and work in
collaboration with our collective have made what some thought too immense to pull off, an inspiring and empowering action. They are Kristiana Clemens, music director at CKUT and former CKLN'r and Ryerson alumna (who produced our rockin’ PSA all the way in Montreal and in less than a day!), and Gretchen King, News Director also with CKUT Radio and a generous source of advice, help and solidarity!

And to Leela Chinniah, Program Co-ordinator at Vancouver Co-op Radio for her belief and commitment to this process from the very beginning and for her solidarity with our struggle to reclaim the airwaves, for the community and by the community!

To our Techs Dale Whitmore and Sheila Chevalier who helped us get through these 5 hours as seamlessly as possible.

We are also very grateful to the many volunteers (especially Jonah for the much running and assistance) who joined us from the beginning ‘til the end. And the rest of our fellow programmers, community members and allies who came down to the pub to support this radio action and made it a memorable and historical event for us all!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

CKLN Inc. Lockdown

NOTICE posted on CKLN's door

March 11, 2009

To all CKLN staff, volunteers, board members and other CKLN personnel:

Re: Lockout Due to Security Risks

TAKE NOTICE that the board of directors of the Palin Foundation, doing business as the Ryerson Student Campus Centre (the “Board”) has decided, until further notice, to deny access to the suite currently assigned to CKLN located on the second floor of the Student Campus Centre (the “Assigned Suite”) to all CKLN staff, volunteers, board members and other CKLN personnel. This decision was driven by a consideration of the security risks and the potential of harm to befall tenants of the Ryerson Student Campus Centre and other members of the Ryerson community. Note also that Ryerson University Security and Emergency Services personnel (“Ryerson Security”) have been authorized by the Board to change the locks on all of the doors leading to the Assigned Suite to prevent unauthorized access.

Any interested party seeking entry to the Assigned Suite to claim personal belongings or for any other legitimate reason is asked to contact Michael Verticchio at Please note that any attempt to enter or access the Assigned Suite that has not been expressly authorized by the Board in writing and/or any attempt to tamper with the locks leading to the Assigned Suite will be treated as an act of trespass and/or vandalism, as appropriate, and without exception will be referred to Ryerson Security and the Toronto Police.

Sincerely yours,


Per: Michael Verticchio, General Manager

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This IWD 2009: Take Back our Radio Join our 5 HR Radio Direct Action!

Support campus-community radio & locked-out CKLN programmers!


LIVE TO AIR: Wednesday March 11th, from 5-10pm (EST)

Transmitting from: The Imperial Pub @ 54 Dundas Street East (Ryerson Campus, East of Victoria),



In 2008, 53 volunteer programmers were 'fired' from campus-community radio station CKLN 88.1FM in Toronto without explanation. Tune-in to a live broadcast by former CKLN hosts and DJs, as they stream onto the internet and reclaim the lost airwaves.

Marking International Women's Day, the 'fired' programmers include the hosts of CKLN's only feminist programs, as well as many other women, trans and queer, activist and marginalized programmers. This 5-hour broadcast will feature voices otherwise silenced in the mainstream, as well as focus on community grassroots media across this country, its significance and importance.

SIMULCASTERS & RE-BROADCASTERS: This broadcast will be available in high-quality over the internet @ and archived for later re-broadcast @

LISTENERS ACROSS CANADA: Catch this broadcast on March 11th as it happens in full or partially through CKUT in Montreal (90.3 FM,, CHRY in Toronto (105.5 FM,, CFRU in Guelph (93.3 FM,, CJUM in Manitoba (101.5 FM,, Co-op Radio in Vancouver (102.7 FM, Starchoice 845 Satellite, Telus Channel 178,, CJSF in Burnaby (90.1 FM,, The Black Mask Show on CKUW in Winnipeg (95.9 FM,, CHSR in Fredericton (97.9 FM,  and many others!!



1. ENDORSEMENTS! If your organization or group or local is interested in endorsing this broadcast, let us know and we'll thank you on-air …
2. DONATE! Make a financial or in-kind donation (food for the day of the broadcast, photocopying, printing, etc.) …
3. OUTREACH! Help us spread the word, through flyering and postering …
4. COME OUT ON THE DAY! Join us as we broadcast live, help us on the ground of the broadcast, listen in person to powerful voices and music, and be a part of this memorable community event in the history of our local community-powered media!

Remember, you too can help make this national radio direct action a success. For more info, email us at:


Tune in for a Live-To-Air Broadcast for IWD 2009 (Toronto)

March 11th, 2009

5 pm to 10 pm (Eastern Time)

Anchors: Lisa Skeete West (Reggaemania) & Verlia (Limin)

5:00 PM Honour the Earth
Featuring the music, thoughts & perspectives of First Nations women of Turtle Island.
HOST: Audrey Redman

5:30 PM Saturday Morning Live
Weekend energy for a weeknight action! Featuring SML regular contributor Gerald Horne (Professor in History at the University of Houston and prolific African American historian), and 'Amandla', with a focus on events and analysis from the African continent, featuring the voices and issues of women.
HOSTS: Audrey Wandolo and Omme-Salma Rahemtullah

6:00 PM OCAP Radio
Brought to you by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), a proud radio space hosting the voices of women fighting back against poverty. Highlights include tenants waging a creative struggle for affordable housing, and disability rights activists battling against ableist government policies and working to create accessible space. Music of resistance will be present too as we reclaim the airwaves once again!
HOST: Stef Gude

6:30 PM Anti-Psychiatry Radio
Long-time anti-psychiatry activist Don Weitz will interview Bonnie Burstow, outstanding feminist, trauma specialist and anti-psychiatry activist. Don will also comment on key struggles against electro-shock, including the current campaign "Stop Shocking Our Mothers and Grandmothers" organized by the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA).
HOST: Don Weitz

7:00 PM No One Is Illegal Radio
Featuring the "Shelter.Sanctuary.Status" campaign, NOII radio will highlight on-going work towards access to services and the provision of full legal immigration status for all women and their families fleeing diverse forms of violence. This show will also recognize the violence of deportation and detention, and demand the elimination of these forms of state violence. No One is Illegal-Toronto is a group of immigrants, refugees and allies who fight for justice for all migrants, and believe that granting citizenship to a privileged few is part of a racist immigration and border policy that marginalizes and exploits migrants.
HOST: Yen Chu

7:30 PM Dat Dere
A jazz improvising creative music and poetry community radio program, its roots are in the Black experience in the diaspora and internationally. The show is dedicated to challenging inquiring minds of all ages. Over 100 years ago,15,000 women marched through New York
City demanding their rights politically,socially and economically. Today and every year on this day since that march, we celebrate that significant event. We celebrate women all over the world, We hear their voices, and We rejoice in all our achievements.
HOSTS: Chloe Onari, Gary Topp, Sharron Mcloed.

8:15 PM Ventana Al Barrio / WOM Fridays presents: "Resistentes! Womyn Still Standing and Moving Strong"
[Resistentes: Plural, Adj., Lang: Spanish. Trans: 1. resistant, strong, tough 2. those who resist] We resist through music, words and actions! Here we'll explore the path of resistance through word and song. Listen to women's voices speak about grassroots political and cultural activism in writing, music and social advocacy as we struggle across borders to rescue, reclaim, transform and safeguard - our lives, our stories, our cultures, and our voices- against the forces of oppression.
HOST: Susy Alvarez.

8:45 PM Radio Cliteracy Broadcasts from Exile!
Focusing on the importance of community radio in encouraging women's empowerment locally and globally, this show will feature: "Things left unsaid" - Through a series of creative writing pieces, black queer youth speak to the experience of existing just beyond the fringes of a black civil rights movement that often excludes queer voice and a feminist movement that often does not represent their reality; the White Ribbon Campaign – featuring an interview with Tuval; and ISIS Manila, an NGO working to broadcast the voices of women in the Global South through grassroots,
HOSTS: D-Konstruct, Carmelle Wolfson, Kim Crosby, Sarah Reaburn & Ruby Tuesday

9:15 Frequency Feminisms
*Womyn Powered is a diverse collective of real womyn - of colour, dis/abled, poor and subversive - who are bringing you the stories that you will not find in the mainstream. Tune in for spoken word, collective action, music and other expressions of our oppression and redemption. Because we survive, because we can sing, because we reclaim - join us! For IWD, we will cover the struggles of womyn migrant workers and our collective resistance, as we take back the airwaves.
HOSTS - Anna Saini, Yolisa Dalamba, Joeita Gupta, Oriel Varga, Gein Wong

9:35 PM Limin in de African Diaspora
Come lime with Verlia in de African Diaspora! Let us honour our African Caribbean women who have brought strength and power to their people. Come listen to Ella Andall, Singing Sandra, Sanelle Dempster, Alison Hinds just to name a few! We will also discuss the history of "Limin'" and the contribution this show has provided to our diverse communities.
HOST: Verlia

NOTE: Archives for the entire broadcast will be available for download and replay for not for profit purposes at following March 11th.

The Ryersonian's take on the current state of affairs at CKLN

CKLN in Turmoil, Police Called
By John Van Dusen

Read the rest of the article here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eyeopener Article on Recent Developments at CKLN

Levy: 'They've overstayed their welcome'
by Julianna Cummins

Read the article here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Statement from CKLN Board of Directors

Hello members of the CKLN Community,

It's been a busy week.

In our efforts to resolve the conflict at CKLN, we have been working with members of the board recognized by CKLN management.

Many of them have the same concerns about recent events at CKLN, that have been shared by you on this list and elsewhere. They are as eager as we are to see competent management and open community participation return to the radio station.

Together, we have decided to call a meeting at which new elections will be held. A committee has been struck to determine the details of that meeting. We expect to be able to tell you more shortly.

This struggle is not over. The need for participation from all aspects of CKLN's membership is as important now as it ever was. Your knowledge of and passion for progressive community radio will be essential in shaping what CKLN will become.

We are grateful for all the efforts you have made. We are certain that your efforts have helped us arrive at the place where we are now.

Thank you.

Heather Douglas
Geoff MacDonald
Arnold Minors
Ron Nelson
Conrad Collaco

CKLN Board of Directors

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recent Development: CKLN Inc. sues the RSU

Click on the links below for the most recent articles covering CKLN's mis/management & board and their lawsuit agains the Ryerson Student Union.

The Ryersonian

The Eyeopener

Monday, February 2, 2009

Don Weitz' Lawsuit Update

"There was no 'mediation settlement' today. Instead, I'm geting $100 which will pay for over half of my legal costs in my lawsuit against former interim Station Manager Mike Phillips & Program Director Tony Barnes. That's what Judge Ashby awarded me for legal costs, after lawyer Mark A. Mason (McCague Peacock Borlack McInnis & Lloyd) and his clients Phillips and Barnes failed to show up at the mediation conference scheduled at 1:30pm today in Small Claims Court. If they don't pay the $100 within 30 days, I may see them at another scheduled 'settlement' conference and in court but not sure when. Their no-show pissed off Judge Ashby who was there to act as the mediator. The Mason/Phillips/Barnes no-show also doesn't help their 'Statement of Defence'... I deeply appreciated AJ's presence - she was there as my volunteer assistant, allowed in the conference room, and gave me some good advice and personal support. In solidarity, Don"

Read Don's Statement of Claim here:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Online Petition CLOSED

We want to thank all who signed our online petition at Go Petition which was closed recently.

This petition was originally created to lobby the firm Iler & Campbell to recognize the results of the Special General Meeting held in February 23rd of 2008 which was carried out in accordance to the station governing bylaws and that resulted in the democratic dismissal and removal of non student board members Josie Miner and Doug Barret and its appointed managers Tony Barnes and Mike Phillips. This petition was aimed at getting this well respected Toronto firm to cease its representation of said dismissed and removed individuals and commence representation of the legitimate board members duly elected in April and May of 2008 as per the bylaws and by the democratic will of the volunteer and community membership of CKLN.

It has come to our attention that as of December of 2008, Iler and Campbell are no longer retained by CKLN 88.1 Inc. Therefore, the purpose of this petition is no longer valid. We hope that through the continued lobbying and pressure from our community allies and dismissed members, the people at Iler and Campbell came to realize that the folks passing as their clients were committing a grave injustice that ran contrary to the mandate and beliefs professed by their firm and our radio station.

The fight is not over yet, CKLN has contracted the legal services of a lawyer working for the multinational law firm McCAGUE PEACOCK, BORLACK, McINNIS & LLOYD.

So the struggle continues!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Don Weitz' Statement of Claim Against CKLN Radio Inc.

Statement of Claim Against CKLN Radio:

Mike Phillips, former Station Manager

Tony Barnes, Program Director

Name: Don Weiitz

Address: 1401-38 Orchard View Blvd., Toronto,ON M4R 2G3

Draft Statement:

I, Don Weitz, am lodging this complaint of wrongful and unjust dismissal against CKLN Radio (88.1FM) in Toronto .

This claim is specifically directed at two (2) members of CKLN Management: former Station Manager Mike Phillips, and Program Director Tony Barnes. For approximately twelve (12) years, I have been a volunteer programmer at CKLN.

Specifically, I have been host and producer of the program "Antipsychiatry Radio", in 1994 it was originally titled "Shrinkrap”.

On May 5, 2008, I received the following letter from Mike Phillips that stated in full: "Please be advised that your volunteer services at CKLN Radio Inc are no loner required effective immediately." This letter is signed "Mike Phillips, Station Manager".

In that May 5 letter, there was no reason or explanation given for my dismissal; I also have never received any advance notice or warning of my dismissal, and never received any criticism of my Antipsychiatry program. Approximately two (2) weeks later, I and many other volunteer programers, was physically locked out, barred from the CKLN studio - again without advance notice, warning or explanation. In addition, my CKLN entry card was electronically deactivated - without warning, advance notice or explanation. As host and producer, Antipsychiatry Radio featured informed opinion, commentary and criticism of the psychiatric system and community-based alternatives in Canada. The program content frequently featured exclusive interviews and dissident commentaries with psychiatric survivors and antipsychiatry activists, as well as nationally-respected academics, feminists, and mental health lawyers. To the best of my knowledge, "Antipsychiatry Radio" was unique and empowering. It was unique because there was and still is no similar antipsychiatry program produced by psychiatric survivors in Ontario or Canada;. It was empowering because it reached out to and provided a powerful voice for psychiatric survivors - some of the most marginalized, discriminated against, stigmatized and oppressed citizens in Canada.

In dismissing me, the CKLN Management seriously violated my human rights and Charter rights - specifically my right to freedom of opinion and expression, and my right to “security of the person.” At the same time, CKLN Management also seriously deprived many listeners of CKLN Radio valuable opportunities for receiving critical information and informed opinion on the "mental health system", its many abuses, “mad culture”, and several alternatives. In effect, CKLN Management has silenced a powerful and empowering voice for psychiatric survivors, antipsychiatry activists, and social justice advocates in Canada; it has done so in a callous, insensitive, irresponsible, and undemocratic manner.

Further, in dismissing me and eliminating my program, CKLN Management has directly and seriously violated parts of its Mandate or Mission Statement. For example, CKLN Management has violated this major statement in its Mandate: "Provide Toronto's diverse and rapidly changing audience with the opportunity to hear a wide range of differing cultural expressions and thereby encourage communication, solidarity and cooperation between and among oppressed communities and constituencies." The program's constituencies included psychiatric survivors, “mental health consumers”, antipsychiatry activists, and social justice advocates.

As an elderly citizen with a chronic heart condition, this dismissal has caused me considerable anxiety and stress. I have absolutely no doubt that I have been dealt with unjustly and request justice. I request reinstatement as host and producer of ”Antipsychiatry Radio” at CKLN Radio, and adequate financial compensation in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Legal Update - Don Weitz (Anti Psych Radio) @ Small Claims

Don Weitz, locked out programmer and host of Anti Pysch Radio (Friday WOM News, 6-7 pm), has filed a suit against appointed managers Phillips & Barnes (responsible for his dismissaland 50 others). A "mediation" session has been scheduled for Monday Feb. 2nd at 1:30pm in Small Claims Court, Rm 302, 3rd floor, 47 Sheppard Ave. East (Yonge/Sheppard).

Only "immediate parties" will be allowed in the room. If supporters want to come up, they will have to sit outside and wait for the results of the session. If there's no settlement, the case will go to court. Please keep your eyes on this blog for further updates and requests for solidarity.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pickets & Organizing Continue!

Our struggle continues to reclaim CKLN. All assistance, help and solidarity is needed and appreciated. Please consider joining our organizing efforts or our Sunday pickets.


Pickets are on!! Come down and join us every Sunday at NOON in front of the Student Centre (55 Gould Street).

Organizing and planning meetings are held after pickets. For more info drop us a line at

This IWD.. Support campus-community radio & locked-out CKLN programmers!

Join our national radio direct action!


Wednesday March 11th, from 5-10pm (EST)

In 2008, 53 volunteer programmers were 'fired' from campus-community radio station CKLN 88.1FM in Toronto without explanation. Tune-in to a live broadcast by former CKLN hosts and DJs, as they stream onto the internet and reclaim the lost airwaves.

Marking International Women's Day, the 'fired' programmers include the hosts of CKLN's only feminist program, as well as many other women, trans and queer, activist and marginalized programmers. This 5-hour broadcast will feature voices otherwise silenced in the mainstream, as well as focus on community grassroots media across this country, its significance and importance.

You can support this radio action by carrying any portion of this broadcast, live or via the archives, which will be available in high-quality over the internet. CKUT Radio in Montreal, CHRY in Toronto, CJUM in Manitoba and Co-op Radio in Vancouver are confirmed as re-broadcasters. You too can help make this national radio direct action a success, confirm your station's participation today, email:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Legal Update - Claims Filed Against Mis/Management

Long time CKLN contributors and locked-out programmers Don Weitz (OCAP/AntiPsych Radio) and Usheak Koroma (WOM News/Sounds of Africa) have filed at Small Claims Court against the mis/management responsible for their illegitimate dismissals. Separate legal action was taken by these two individuals specifically against former Interim Station Manager Mike Phllips and current Program Director Tony Barnes. The claims allege "wrongful dismissal and unfair treatment" as their cause/reason. A hearing will take place if "mediation with the immediate parties" is not successfully carried out. Keep your eyes on this blog for updates re. court date/time and support needed for these two actions.

Right-Wing Board Purges Community Voices at CKLN 88.1FM
by Kabir Joshi-Vijayan
Basics Issue #12 (Jan/Feb 2009)

For decades CKLN (Ryerson University’s campus-community radio station) has represented the people on Toronto’s airwaves. It had dozens of programmes that showcased community mobilizations alongside international resistance to war and occupation. It was the only station in the city to celebrate Afrikan liberation week and PRIDE, while featuring the best jazz, reggae and hip hop in the country. Its flagship program, Saturday Morning Live, brought all of these elements together, with great music, a community voice, and current events from a working-class and internationalist perspective. Hosted by Norman Otis Richmond – a Vietnam War resistor and well-known revolutionary and pan-Africanist – the show has been the voice for the city’s Black and working-class community for over 25 years. But not anymore because since last winter CKLN’s board of directors has run the station into the ground!

Back in February of 2008, CKLN’s membership (150 community reps including Ryerson students and volunteers who financially support the station) held a meeting about the troubling move by the board of directors away from the community vision of the station and towards a corporate and commercialist model. The membership voted with an overwhelming 90% to impeach the current board, and demanded that the clique of corporate hacks step down. But the board refused to heed democratic will, and instead they began a ruthless campaign of firing any and all hosts who supported the membership’s demands.

Dozens of CKLN’s most popular programmes have been cancelled, and over 55 hard-working long time volunteers and paid programmers have been banned. These purges especially targeted shows that represented left-wing and marginalized voices. The station’s only feminist programs, Radio Cliteracy and Frequency Feminisms, were terminated, while Audrey Redman (residential school survivor and one of the only indigenous voices on Toronto radio) was yanked from her mic as she interviewed other locked-out hosts. Campus and Toronto Police have been frequently called to take away fired hosts as well as concerned listeners attempting to voice their concerns. And then, on December 13th Norman hosted his last show before being “temporarily” suspended. No legitimate reason was given for this termination of one of Toronto’s most popular programs and programmers, except that it was “financial”. Meanwhile the rogue Board has dodged the public release of financial documents as mandated by the CKLN constitution.

Furious listeners, CKLN members and locked out hosts are organizing to take back their radio station. Voice your anger at the CKLN takeover and join us on the picket lines as we fight for the termination of these fraudulent right-wingers masquerading as the board of directors. We will take back our CKLN!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

List of Dismissed, Locked Out & Silenced from CKLN


From May 2008 to January 2009

1. Denise Benson - Mental Chatter
2. Nik Red - Afrotransit
3. Francis Yee Loy aka DJ San Fran - Afrotransit
4. Mano Narayanan aka DJ Dialect - Bruckbeat Radio
5. Cheldon Paterson aka DJ Vision - Bruckbeat Radio
6. Don Weitz - Word of Mouth News Friday (OCAP Radio/Anti-psychiatry Radio)
7. Judy Koch - Word of Mouth News Friday (OCAP Radio)
8. Stef Gude - Word of Mouth News Friday (OCAP Radio)
9. Susy Alvarez - Word of Mouth News Friday host/producer
10. Francisco Villegas - Word of Mouth News Friday (No one is Illegal Radio)
11. Paloma Villegas - Word of Mouth News Friday (No one is Illegal Radio)
12. Ryan Hayes - Word of Mouth News Friday (No one is Illegal Radio)
13. Yen Chu - Word of Mouth News Friday (No one is Illegal Radio)
14. Dale Whitmore - Word of Mouth News Friday (tech/OCAP Radio Fill-in host)
15. David Barnard aka Dr. Feelgood - Lowdown 2 Updown
16. Audrey Redman - Honour the Earth
17. Koroma U-Sheak - Sounds of Africa/Word of Mouth News Thursday
18. Lisa "West" Skeete – Reggaemania
19. Ron Nelson – Reggaemania
20. Verlia Stephens - Limin' in the African Diaspora
21. Barbara Goslawski – Frameline
22. Heather Douglas - Frameline/Word of Mouth News Thursday
23. Gein Wong - Frequency Feminisms
24. Oriel Varga - Frequency Feminisms
25. Anna Saini - Frequency Feminisms
26. Neena Saloiya - Frequency Feminisms
27. Joeita Gupta - Frequency Feminisms
28. Aramara Leal - Frequency Feminisms
29. Yolisa Dalamba - Frequency Feminisms
30. Chloe Onari - Dat Dere
31. Sharron McLeod - Dat Dere
32. Gary Topp - Dat Dere
33. DJ SOS - On the Strength
34. Daniella Moss - Radio Cliteracy
35. Jessica Yee - Radio Cliteracy
36. Laura Janecka - Radio Cliteracy/Ryerson Student
37. Sarah Reaburn - Radio Cliteracy/Ryerson Student
38. Daya Lye - Radio Cliteracy/Ryerson Student
39. Emily Sadowski - Radio Cliteracy
40. Ruby teskey-williams Radio Cliteracy
41. Black Krishna - Rude Awakening Tuesday
42. Claudia McKoy – Upsurgence
43. Ron Gaskin – AM/FM
44. Carmelle Wolfson - Radio Cliteracy
45. Omme Rahemtullah - Saturday Morning Live (Tech & co-host)
46. Farid Omar - Saturday Morning Live (Amandla/GRILA)
47. Tanya Gulliver - Saturday Morning Live (Social Justice News/Ryerson Instructor)
48. Ian Brown - Saturday Morning Live
50. Ameth Lo - Saturday Morning Live (Amandla/GRILA)
51. Audrey Wandolo - Saturday Morning Live (Amandla/GRILA)
52. Wasun - Saturday Morning Live (Freedom Ciphers)
53. Rakim Shabazz – Saturday Morning Live
54. David McNally - Saturday Morning Live (York University PoliSci Dept. Chair)
55. Black Action Defence Committee (BADC) crew – Saturday Morning Live
56. Rackel Saunders – Saturday Morning Live (community calendar)
57. Ayinde Blake – Saturday Morning Live (film critic & son of the late Milton Blake)
58. Maria Elena Escobar - Ventana al Barrio
59. Ilona Molnar - Frequency Feminisms

Long Time Contributors
60. Dr. Gerald Horne - Saturday Morning Live (author/academic and anaylist)
61. Mumia-Abu Jamal – Saturday Morning Live (political prisoner/writer/contributor)

STAFF FIRED/DISMISSED/RESIGNED (due to the chilly climate)

1. News director Kristin Schwartz (10 years of service to CKLN), fired, union member
2. Fundraising Coordinator Daniel Vandervoort, resigned at the demand of illegitimate board, union member
3. Interim News Director Tara Michelle Ziniuk, resigned
4. Program Director Tim May, resigned
5. Music Librarian Tien Providence, fired, union member
6. Production, Mark Bialkowski, resigned, union member
7. Assistant News director Norman Otis Richmond, "laid off", union member & producer/host of Saturday Morning Live and Diasporic Music (these shows have been replaced with archived material)