Friday, February 27, 2009

Statement from CKLN Board of Directors

Hello members of the CKLN Community,

It's been a busy week.

In our efforts to resolve the conflict at CKLN, we have been working with members of the board recognized by CKLN management.

Many of them have the same concerns about recent events at CKLN, that have been shared by you on this list and elsewhere. They are as eager as we are to see competent management and open community participation return to the radio station.

Together, we have decided to call a meeting at which new elections will be held. A committee has been struck to determine the details of that meeting. We expect to be able to tell you more shortly.

This struggle is not over. The need for participation from all aspects of CKLN's membership is as important now as it ever was. Your knowledge of and passion for progressive community radio will be essential in shaping what CKLN will become.

We are grateful for all the efforts you have made. We are certain that your efforts have helped us arrive at the place where we are now.

Thank you.

Heather Douglas
Geoff MacDonald
Arnold Minors
Ron Nelson
Conrad Collaco

CKLN Board of Directors

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recent Development: CKLN Inc. sues the RSU

Click on the links below for the most recent articles covering CKLN's mis/management & board and their lawsuit agains the Ryerson Student Union.

The Ryersonian

The Eyeopener

Monday, February 2, 2009

Don Weitz' Lawsuit Update

"There was no 'mediation settlement' today. Instead, I'm geting $100 which will pay for over half of my legal costs in my lawsuit against former interim Station Manager Mike Phillips & Program Director Tony Barnes. That's what Judge Ashby awarded me for legal costs, after lawyer Mark A. Mason (McCague Peacock Borlack McInnis & Lloyd) and his clients Phillips and Barnes failed to show up at the mediation conference scheduled at 1:30pm today in Small Claims Court. If they don't pay the $100 within 30 days, I may see them at another scheduled 'settlement' conference and in court but not sure when. Their no-show pissed off Judge Ashby who was there to act as the mediator. The Mason/Phillips/Barnes no-show also doesn't help their 'Statement of Defence'... I deeply appreciated AJ's presence - she was there as my volunteer assistant, allowed in the conference room, and gave me some good advice and personal support. In solidarity, Don"

Read Don's Statement of Claim here:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Online Petition CLOSED

We want to thank all who signed our online petition at Go Petition which was closed recently.

This petition was originally created to lobby the firm Iler & Campbell to recognize the results of the Special General Meeting held in February 23rd of 2008 which was carried out in accordance to the station governing bylaws and that resulted in the democratic dismissal and removal of non student board members Josie Miner and Doug Barret and its appointed managers Tony Barnes and Mike Phillips. This petition was aimed at getting this well respected Toronto firm to cease its representation of said dismissed and removed individuals and commence representation of the legitimate board members duly elected in April and May of 2008 as per the bylaws and by the democratic will of the volunteer and community membership of CKLN.

It has come to our attention that as of December of 2008, Iler and Campbell are no longer retained by CKLN 88.1 Inc. Therefore, the purpose of this petition is no longer valid. We hope that through the continued lobbying and pressure from our community allies and dismissed members, the people at Iler and Campbell came to realize that the folks passing as their clients were committing a grave injustice that ran contrary to the mandate and beliefs professed by their firm and our radio station.

The fight is not over yet, CKLN has contracted the legal services of a lawyer working for the multinational law firm McCAGUE PEACOCK, BORLACK, McINNIS & LLOYD.

So the struggle continues!