Monday, November 24, 2008

Ron Nelson, Lisa West and the Reggaemania Crew invites you to TAKEBACK 88, a fundraising series aimed to support a legal fund that will help our efforts to Restore Democracy at CKLN and bring Reggaemania and other locked out programs/hosts Back to the Airwaves!!

This series will kick off on Dec. 5th at Lion's Gate Lounge, 1957 Kennedy Road @ Progress. A panel discussion will take place between 8-9 pm and a full blown celebration will follow featuring a long line up of local and respected artists including: King Turbo, Blessed, Tasha T, Sean Bush, Rootsman, Lady X and many many more!!

For more information make sure to visit

Sunday, November 23, 2008

False and Illegitimate AGM, part two - A Report Back

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Tonight about approximately 20 locked out programmers/volunteers and community allies showed up to El Mocambo to peacefully protest the illegitimately AGM, called by tony barnes, mike phillips. dj snapp, d. james, josie minor, doug barrett and the rest of "their" board. This AGM was to replace the other illegitimately called session scheduled for October 29th at Oakam House - a meeting that did not take place due to lack of internal support and consensus as well as outside pressure and protest.

The CKLN mismanagement and board have been looking to carry out an AGM to justify their process to the RSU so that student fees held in trust could be released in full to them (monies desperately needed since the most recent fundraising drive failed to bring in as much financial support from community as it had in past years). Since the meeting of the 29th involved police participation at the request of CKLN mismanagement, the SCC building administration cancelled the station's rental privileges within Student Centre premises. The Ryerson Student Union had already warned mismanagement in past occasions that police presence was not welcomed in the building.

Also, the RSU had on several opportunities encouraged mediation and a reasonable resolution of this dispute. Most recently, their legal counsel met with CKLN mis-reps and their legal counsel to address the "AGM" which was re-scheduled for the 23rd of this month. At this meeting both CKLN staff and mis-reps and their lawyer agreed to postpone this meeting until a list of eligible attendees was sorted out and agreed upon by both sides (the legitimate board elected months ago and the illegal board that includes recent student appointments and dismissed community and volunteer mis-reps). In a clear violation of an agreement made in good faith between two parties and their legal counsels, the mismanagement and "their" board decided to go ahead with their scheduled illegitimate AGM tonight at El Mocambo.

The meeting was only open to those who were approved volunteers (by mismanagement), Ryerson students, and community supporters who had donated $50 in the most recent fundfest. These requirements made the event exclusive and exclusionary. But not all were allowed in, d. james was positioned by the entrance hiding behind two club security staff with a list in hand to check who mismanagement and "their" board had agreed would be considered legit participants at "their" meeting. Doug Barrett was also on door duty, though not too close but overlooking from a set of stairs, making sure that his colleague and security would carry out orders. Metro Toronto Police on bike were also called and stationed on the sidewalk (between 3 to 6 officers from time to time).

A peaceful and informative picket was set up outside the club. Flyering was done to educate those who were attending as well as the general public. Speeches were given to raise the issue that this was not a legitimate meeting and that this action was being carried out in bad faith and in an exclusionary manner. Many of those of us who attended this picket tried to get inside to bear witness but we were all turned down by security at the instruction of d. james. Some were pushed aside and verbally abused and/or disrespected by those who support this unjust and illegitimate behaviour.

Half of an hour to 8 pm, we got word from the inside that the meeting was not happening as seamlessly as irrationally expected. People were questioning mismanagement and "their" board on a variety of issues and that no elections had taken place thus far. The body count inside was estimated to be between 25 and 30 at the start. Toward the 7:30 pm mark, 3 people had left the meeting because "there was too much shouting and arguing" and not much was being done in terms of discussion and decisions.

The weather was chilly but the energy was good. Kudos to Owen, Don, Cathy, Oriel, Joeita, Jeff and Lilka for all the prep work and for bringing flyers, banners and megaphone to help carry out this important action, and to all of those who came out and stood there for an hour or two to bear witness to this injustice.

in community,


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Need Your Help!

Please join us in our struggle to reclaim CKLN and all it stands for! Organizing meetings are ongoing every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Meet us at Ryerson U's Jorgensen Hall Cafeteria, upper level (350 Victoria Street, north and east of Yonge & Dundas). Remember, strength is in numbers!!


Pickets are on!! Come down and join us every Sunday at NOON in front of the Student Centre (55 Gould Street).

Nov. 23rd picket has been moved to EL MOCAMBO and will take place between 6-8 PM!!!

Turmoil at CKLN continues

Posted on Thursday, November 6, 2008
Written by Vanessa Greco for the Eyeopener

CKLN 88.1 FM can no longer book rooms at the Student Campus Centre (SCC) after their Annual General Meeting (AGM) escalated into a shouting match. The meeting ended when police were called to remove dismissed volunteers and other community members who wanted to attend.

"This isn't the first time police have been called. It's just become unacceptable," said Michael Verticchio, interim general manager at Oakham House.

"CKLN has lost their booking privileges until they prove they can hold a peaceful meeting."

The campus-community radio station's AGM on Oct. 29 was supposed to be an opportunity to discuss a pending financial report, union negotiations and announce their new station manager, Sam Snapp. But, when CKLN managers called the police to remove community members who were attempting to join in, SCC executives pulled the plug on CKLN's meeting and booking privileges.

Jeremy Salter, chair of the Student Campus Centre board, said CKLN managers booked two rooms on Oct. 29 — one to host their meeting and the other to mislead "unwanted community members" hoping to attend. According to Salter, when the unexpected guests discovered the real meeting location, CKLN staff members refused to open doors and instead alerted police.

"The whole situation is extremely undemocratic," said Salter, adding that constant police presence is unnerving for students and not desired in the SCC. Before their SCC booking privileges were revoked, CKLN was already facing financial strain from the Ryerson Students' Union (RSU). The RSU is withholding more than $100,000 from the station until infighting involving their board of directors is resolved.

"It is student money and we want to make sure we're giving it to the right people," said Toby Whitfield, VP finance and services and RSU rep on CKLN's board. Peter Toh, an MBA student and host of the CKLN show Africa United, said he is saddened by the decision to withhold money.

"It is disheartening to know that the RSU and CKLN cannot find common ground."

Between withheld student money, the dismissal of more than 25 volunteer programmers, conflict surrounding their board of directors and revoked SCC booking privileges, newly-minted station manager Sam Snapp admits he has his hands full.

"There's a lot of dissent that's grown and it's time to take the station back to the basics," said Snapp.

"Right now, the station is in a position where it has a good chance to rebuild."

A Message from the Board of Directors to volunteers, community and allies

November 2008 Update

In February 2008, CKLN members voted to remove the non-student members from the Board ofDirectors, and to dismiss the Station Manager and Program Director. This was done in accordance with CKLN’s By-laws. Even more important, it was done to return CKLN’s Board to transparent and accountable action as well as to ensure financially sustainable programming in support of CKLN’smission and vision.

Subsequently, two community members, two volunteer members and a core staff member were elected to the Board, in accordance with the By-law.The Board members and senior managers who were removed/dismissed refused to leave. This situation still needs to be resolved.

What has the Board’s strategy been to resolve this?
We have taken a number of steps to try to get resolution. We proposed that we get together with the others and resolve the situation through discussion. We supported lawful actions by locked-out programmers and community members to bring all parties to the table to resolve the situation. We opened our Board meetings to all stakeholders so that they could take informed action and we could listen to other strategies we could support. We solicited the assistance of Industry Canada to resolve the dispute. We solicited the assistance of the law firm that has long represented CKLN. We reluctantly supported the Ryerson Students’ Union decision to withhold student fees from CKLN as a way of urging resolution. (Our reluctance was based on the fact that we do not want to hurt CKLN and had to weigh short term pain against long term gain.) We sought legal advice as to whether we could get a court decision in our favour - we had conflicting opinions and decided that we would continue other strategies. (We decided that it was too risky to lose in court and we did not want to take that chance.)

Did anyone associated with this new Board steal CKLN funds?
No. We have made a clear and prudent decision: We will hold any funds we receive for CKLN - and not touch them - until the dispute is resolved. To do otherwise would leave ourselves open to liability for failure to exercise due diligence.

Is it true that the new Board doesn’t care about volunteers?
Dismissing volunteers in a manner that appears, at least, to be capricious and arbitrary is unacceptable. We are very concerned to ensure that CKLN remains true to its mission. Volunteers are key to that. They always have been. We want that to continue.

Are student members of the Board involved with you?
We are committed to ensuring full student involvement and not just in name only. We consider all duly elected student members to be members of the Board and we have worked hard to get their full participation - although still with mixed results.

What about this Annual General Meeting called for November 23 at El Mocambo?
Our opinion, based on our reading of the By-laws, is that all members in good standing are entitled to attend and participate in all CKLN meetings. We passed a resolution that anyone who pays $10 to CKLN through us will be a community member and should be entitled to attend, participate and vote.

Send your membership fee - with your full name, address and phone and/or e-mail address - to Arnold Minors, 964 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5P 2K8

What’s next?
We believe that we are close to getting resolution. If that is not successful, we will seek resolution in Court.

Contact information for the non-student members of the Board:
Conrad Collaco (Vice Chair; Former Core Staff Rep) -;
Heather Douglas (Treasurer; Volunteer Staff Rep) -;
Geoff MacDonald (Secretary; Community Rep) -;
Arnold Minors (Chair; Community Rep) -;
Ron Nelson (Volunteer Staff Rep)-

Monday, November 17, 2008

Abuse of Power Continues at CKLN

The illegitimate board and management currently controlling CKLN has re-scheduled "their" Annual General Meeting to take place:

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 23rd, from 6 - 8 PM
@ EL MOCAMBO, (464 Spadina Ave., College and Spadina)

With this meeting, they seek to replace the AGM which was to be held on Oct. 29th but never took place due to an internal lack of consensus, coordination and direction by those in mis-management positions and their supporters.


Locked out programmers and community allies were there on the 29th to peacefully protest this blatant abuse of power. So was the police which was called by Barnes, Phillips & dismissed board members in a move that constituted a clear violation of the Student Centre mandate (as a result the SCC has revoked CKLN's rental privileges for the time being).

This shamed and failed AGM was marked by unfriendly treatment towards community and volunteers deemed "too critical or outspoken" by mis-management. Furthermore, a couple of programmers have been dismissed/locked-out of their shows in retaliation for their perceived "inability" to be YES people - while turning a blind eye to injustices - and go along with these blatant violations of regulations, bylaws and mandate.


Most AGM's are open to the public, yet the website states that this particular meeting will be a "MEMBERS ONLY MEETING" open exclusively to "current volunteers in good standing, community members who have donated $50 or more and have paid in full, and currently enrolled students of Ryerson University". Their agenda includes:

1. New Station Manager introduction
2. Financial Report
3. Union negotiations
4. Elections for community reps to CKLN Board of Directors (2)
5. Other business

This re-schedule and it's "exclusive" nature, are both reactionary actions which clearly seek to disenfranchise the community at large, the locked out programmers and anyone who disagrees with the status quo calling the shots at CKLN.