Monday, February 2, 2009

Don Weitz' Lawsuit Update

"There was no 'mediation settlement' today. Instead, I'm geting $100 which will pay for over half of my legal costs in my lawsuit against former interim Station Manager Mike Phillips & Program Director Tony Barnes. That's what Judge Ashby awarded me for legal costs, after lawyer Mark A. Mason (McCague Peacock Borlack McInnis & Lloyd) and his clients Phillips and Barnes failed to show up at the mediation conference scheduled at 1:30pm today in Small Claims Court. If they don't pay the $100 within 30 days, I may see them at another scheduled 'settlement' conference and in court but not sure when. Their no-show pissed off Judge Ashby who was there to act as the mediator. The Mason/Phillips/Barnes no-show also doesn't help their 'Statement of Defence'... I deeply appreciated AJ's presence - she was there as my volunteer assistant, allowed in the conference room, and gave me some good advice and personal support. In solidarity, Don"

Read Don's Statement of Claim here:

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