Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A Message from the Board:

Dear CKLN Community Members, Volunteers and Friends,

Some important events have taken place over the last few days in our efforts to return CKLN to a place where we demonstrate commitment to our mission through volunteers, students and community members.

We have learned that the group, led by Tony Barnes, that occupied CKLN for many months has dropped its lawsuit against the RSU. In addition, it appears that all members of this group have now resigned from their “board”.

We have spoken with RSU and continued dialogue with members of the board consisting of Mike Harnett, Mercedes Otway, Peter Toh, and Mary Young. Both of those groups have committed to us an interest in developing plans that would lead to open, public elections for a new Board of Directors for CKLN.

We are happy to announce that Sunday June 14 has been set, tentatively, as the date for those elections. The location is to be determined. We will announce more about that meeting as soon as possible. Community, volunteer and former core staff elections will be held on that date.

All of you, in this community of volunteers, students and listeners, have done much work to get us to the point when a return to the station is within reach. We are now in the moments where we can start to rebuild this great community radio station. Some of this work will include energizing our friends, some of whom may have given up, resigned to the belief that the station could not be won back. Please help get the word out.

What CKLN now becomes will depend on the commitment of you in the communities to whom CKLN has given voice for 25 years. The hard work of winning the station back is now almost over. The hard work of reshaping this great community radio station is just beginning.

In Solidarity

Conrad Collaco
Heather Douglas
Geoff MacDonald
Arnold Minors
Ron Nelson