Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Re. July 24 CKLN Board Elections

This is a notice of a Special Meeting called for the purpose of electing five non-student members to the Board of Directors of CKLN.

Date of Meeting: July 24 2009
Time of Meeting: 6:30 pm
Place of Meeting: Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould St. – Oakham Lounge


1. Welcome
2. Presentation - Context/Rationale for Election and Financial Condition of CKLN
3. Call for Nominations
4. Presentation by Candidates
5. Questions of and Responses by Candidates
6. Election
7. Break (during which votes will be counted)
8. Reporting of Votes and Ratification of Votes
9. Adjournment

Election Process

Votes will be for two Community Members representatives; two Volunteer representatives and one former core staff member representative.

All qualified persons are eligible to vote at this election. (See the appendix for eligibility criteria and process to ensure that you are registered to vote.)

Authorization for Process

This meeting has been called as a result of collaboration of people who have acted as members of groups purporting to be Board members of CKLN. In order for student fees to be transferred to CKLN, there must be a transparent, democratic voting process that creates an agreed-upon Board of Directors for CKLN. Such a democratic voting process will allow CKLN to again move forward with its programming and service to the community. In addition, the Ryerson Student Centre Board issued an ultimatum that there must be an election by July 24. (see attached document putting this notice in context.)

Issued by: Conrad Collaco, Michael Harnett, Arnold Minors, Ron Nelson, Peter Toh
21 July 2009

Appendix 1: Voter Eligibility Criteria and Registration Process

Voter Eligibility Criteria

CKLN has three classes of membership: Student, Staff and Community. All CKLN members are entitled to attend this Special Meeting. Community members vote for Community representatives to the Board. Staff members vote for Staff representatives (Volunteer and Former Core Staff) to the Board.

STAFF MEMBER - A Staff member includes core staff, part-time staff and volunteer staff of CKLN. To be considered a Staff Member and to be able to vote at the meeting on June 23rd, an individual must have performed work of any kind for the station for a period of at least three hours in any six-week period at any time between February 1, 2008 and July 24, 2009.

COMMUNITY MEMBER - To qualify as a Community Member, an individual shall not be Student, core or part-time Staff member. In addition, s/he must have contributed at least $20 to CKLN between February 1, 2008 and July 24, 2009, providing s/he can show a receipt from CKLN for the donation. If an individual has a receipt for less than $20 contributed to the station, s/he can make up the difference between his/her payment and $20 and become a member.

Registration Process

People will be able to register to vote as of 6 pm at the Oakham Lounge at 55 Gould St. (Ryerson Student Centre) on Friday, July 24th. Registration documents are attached, for your information. It will be helpful to complete the appropriate document and bring it with you on Friday.

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