Thursday, March 12, 2009

CKLN Inc. Lockdown

NOTICE posted on CKLN's door

March 11, 2009

To all CKLN staff, volunteers, board members and other CKLN personnel:

Re: Lockout Due to Security Risks

TAKE NOTICE that the board of directors of the Palin Foundation, doing business as the Ryerson Student Campus Centre (the “Board”) has decided, until further notice, to deny access to the suite currently assigned to CKLN located on the second floor of the Student Campus Centre (the “Assigned Suite”) to all CKLN staff, volunteers, board members and other CKLN personnel. This decision was driven by a consideration of the security risks and the potential of harm to befall tenants of the Ryerson Student Campus Centre and other members of the Ryerson community. Note also that Ryerson University Security and Emergency Services personnel (“Ryerson Security”) have been authorized by the Board to change the locks on all of the doors leading to the Assigned Suite to prevent unauthorized access.

Any interested party seeking entry to the Assigned Suite to claim personal belongings or for any other legitimate reason is asked to contact Michael Verticchio at Please note that any attempt to enter or access the Assigned Suite that has not been expressly authorized by the Board in writing and/or any attempt to tamper with the locks leading to the Assigned Suite will be treated as an act of trespass and/or vandalism, as appropriate, and without exception will be referred to Ryerson Security and the Toronto Police.

Sincerely yours,


Per: Michael Verticchio, General Manager

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Anonymous said...

Is this still going on?

On another subject when CKLN fundfest next happens in the fall I think protesters with video cameras should be taping everybody going into or out of the CKLN office.