Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recent Development: CKLN Inc. sues the RSU

Click on the links below for the most recent articles covering CKLN's mis/management & board and their lawsuit agains the Ryerson Student Union.

The Ryersonian

The Eyeopener

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Anonymous said...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 15:23:27

I just had a short telephone conversation with Mercedes of West Indies Flames. She was one of the board members that had allegedly taken over the station when the lock out began (in late February 2009). It appears now that 'Ryerson', or unknown people above RSU, Executive Director of Operations & Services, Michael Verticchio: 'No longer have interests in operating a radio station at Ryerson'. They 'Ryerson' have changed the locks, and when the 2 week rebroadcast ends, so will CKLN, with 24 hours of dead air.

I assume it is the President’s office behind the lockout. The President’s office had not returned my phone call of Monday March 9th, 4pm and did not talk to me, or sound very encouraging, when I followed up 24 hours later and explained that this matter is urgent

All the parties that have been sued recently by CKLN-FM Inc probably see this (shutting down CKLN) as the quickest and easiest resolution to their problems. What was it that caused this? Perhaps, a $500,000.00 suit against RSU and Ryerson President’s office, and X amount of dollars suit against Ron Nelson.

Shannon Reiner aka Freedom DJ/Fire Root/...