Saturday, September 19, 2009

IMPORTANT: Board Statement to Volunteers & Questionnaire

CKLN Radio has been off the air for some time now with a number of staff and volunteers locked out of the station. An Election meeting took place on July 24, 2009 and a new Board of Directors was elected. The new Board is now in place and we have now regained access to the station.

Although the exact date that CKLN will be returning to the airwaves is yet to be determined, preparing for that day is a process that starts immediately. Needless to say, the re-creating and reconstructing of the new CKLN will be a challenging process. The CRTC is now monitoring the Station and programming must be restored in accordance with the guidelines outlined in our licence.

Due to the difficult task of procuring essential documents and information pertaining to CKLN Radio Inc., we have to start from ‘scratch’ in terms of collecting show descriptions and personal information for all current and dismissed CKLN staff and volunteers. The challenges facing us are difficult, but it is our firm belief that we can put in place, effective and practical solutions to restore CKLN.

In the absence of a Station Manager, News Director and Program Director, we are taking these gradual and transparent steps in moving forward. The following application/questionnaire may be followed up by phone calls or a personal interview.

Please fill out the volunteer information form attached (see NOTE below) and email it back to us (ASAP) within the next few days, you may also drop off the form personally at the CKLN main office. Feel free to include your comments and suggestions if you feel they may be helpful.

We thank you for your patience.


CKLN Board of Directors
Ron Nelson
Barry Johnson
Andrew Lehrer
Peter Toh
Caldwell Taylor

NOTE: Questionnaire/Info Form can be found 2 posts below this message or can be downloaded in WORD format here or as a PDF document here.

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