Monday, April 13, 2009

Special Public Meeting This Tuesday!

April 14th 2009
From 6-8pm
@ The 519 on Church St, Room 322

All concerned members (staff, volunteer, community, student) and supporters welcome.

It is now over a year that CKLN has been without a functioning Board of Directors or proper management. Since last May, over 60 volunteers and staff have been forced out of CKLN. Some of these programmers/volunteers had provided more than a decade of service at the station.

In February of 2008, in response to oppressive behaviour of the Board and management at that time, a Special Membership Meeting was held at which a decision was collectively made to dismiss the non-student members of the board and elect their replacements. However, the legitimate new board was never allowed to take over management of the station. And in retaliation for the SGM, the dismissed management and impeached board carried out dismissals of participating volunteers.

In the past month, the situation at CKLN has deteriorated dramatically. The space has been shut down for an indefinite period by the university administration. All those programmers who were still hosting and producing shows at CKLN have been locked out. The program grid once filled with cutting edge, vibrant and progressive content has now been replaced by archived material and long periods of dead air. Currently only two people are authorized to enter the premises to program archived material for broadcast.

This is a crucial turning point in the fight to save CKLN.

Join us for this CKLN Membership meeting to learn more about recent developments, current legal actions and to brainstorm for solutions to end this crisis.


Anonymous said...

Who is calling this staff meeting?

what will be accomplished at this meeting

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing rumours that the Commerce Society (website: at Ryerson is putting a proposal together to ask Ryerson to hold a referendum on CKLN in November 2009. The Commerce Society recently discussed that they want to get rid of CKLN due to the financial problems/corruption and the fact that students pay 65% of the CKLN operating budget get nothing in return. RSU wouldn't be able to stop the referendum and given the lawsuit and the chaos taking place I doubt they would.

For those who don't know, the Commerce Society is one of the most powerful student groups on campus and is usually run by more right of centre student politicians. They also recently campaigned and had Commerce student pass a $40 fee increase to the Commerce Society. The only student board of governors on next years board are close friends or on the commerce society. Sheldon Levy is a big supporter of the group and partly relied on them to help Ryerson students pass a $140 fee increase in the athletics referendum. Given CKLN's fee is only $10, it would be very easy for the Commerce Society to win a referendum and redirect these funds...

Has anyone else heard this? Has anyone contacted Sheldon's office?


PS Is anyone concerned that there still appears to be dead air showing up on CKLN?