Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Protest the illegal AGM - Join the Picket this Wednesday @ 7 pm!

Join the "Take Back our Radio" Organizing Committee and its allies this Wednesday, October 29th at 7 pm!!

Come out and join us @ Oakham House, Room G, 55 Gould Street (next door to Ryerson's Student Community Centre, southwest corner of Gould and Church).



The crisis of governance at CKLN Campus/Community Radio continues to escalate. The illegal Board of Directors & management have called an AGM to take place this Wednesday, following its illegitimately held Staff Meeting of October 22 as well as the recent internal hiring of DJ Snapp as contract station manager. Exiting manager Mike Phillips has placed on the agenda:

1. a long overdue Financial Report (a year and a half in the making/breaking),
2. union negotiations (or more like violations given mis-management's and illegal board's firings of unionized staff Kristin Schwartz and Tien Providence),
3. and the election of Community Reps (to sub those appointed by mis-management and their allies).

Mike Phillips and his board croonies have no legal authority to call a CKLN Annual General Meeting, because he was democratically voted out of office by an overwhelming 90% majority in a non-confidence motion on February 23, 2008 at a Special General Meeting called by the membership in accordance with CKLN by-laws. Nevertheless Phillips and a right wing clique have occupied the radio station for the past months and are violating the politically progressive and inclusive mandate of the station through the systematic expulsion of over 35 volunteers, the firing of long-time dedicated staff, and the arbitrary interpretation of station guidelines/bylaws. As a result, programming has deteriorated, community funding has decreased and relationships with the Ryerson Student Union have been damaged.

At previous meetings Metro Police have been employed to bar the new board and its supporters from participating. We intend to challenge this exclusion on October 29th! COME OUT AND MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!!!

For more info, contact Catherine Holliday 416 533 6630, catherine.holliday@utoronto.ca

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