Friday, October 31, 2008

Dissenting Voices shut down illegitimate AGM!

CKLN's dismissed board and mis-management were not successful in holding their corrupted AGM last night as a good sized crowd made up of locked out programmers, community supporters and other allies succeeded in disrupting and opening up what was intented to be an "exclusive" affair. Here's a report back from Andrew, a community ally who was present at this action:

"Yesterday several dozen disenfranchised community members and "fired" volunteers showed up for what was supposed to be a 7 pm meeting. Management panicked and changed the location of the meeting and then tried to exclude anyone they didn't want from attending. They were unsuccessful. They then ran away to have an "emergency" board meeting in which they decided to call the cops with the intent of having the police remove individuals who management didn't want there (ie. the majority of the attendees). The cops showed up but the manager of the student centre refused to allow CKLN management to use the cops to throw people off Ryerson Student Union property and so they cancelled the room booking. CKLN management then returned and adjourned the meeting claiming they were doing so for "safety" concerns (when in fact they were doing this because the Ryerson Students Union refused to let them use the cops to throw people out). They then said that they'd reschedule the meeting for a later date."

Keep your eyes on this blog for more updates on future actions and other strategies that will hopefully help us reclaim our community radio space. The struggle continues!!

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