Monday, September 29, 2008

DeFund Fundfest! Support Mediation and Legal Action!!

Attention Community, Students and Volunteers:

Do you miss your favourite shows on CKLN? Are those DJ’s and Hosts who you have supported over the years no longer on the air?

The rogue and illegitimate management currently controlling CKLN has decided to hold FundFest, CKLN’s annual fundraising drive, one month earlier beginning Sept. 26th and running until Sunday Oct. 5th. After unjustly firing and locking out over 35 programmers (mostly people of colour, queer, trans, and feminist programmers), dismissed management and removed board members have the AUDACITY to ask listeners for money to continue to support their illegal operations and machinations under the false claim of celebrating “25 Years of Independence”. Most of those programmers who are responsible for the most "in-depth, edgiest and freshest content" have been let go after providing years of service to the station, their listeners and their communities.

As it stands, the RYERSON STUDENT UNION has decided to hold fees collected from students for CKLN in trust until a fair resolution to this situation is reached.

We believe you should support community/campus radio but not during this FundFest and not until order has been re-established at CKLN. Instead consider making a contribution to the Take Back Our Radio legal fund. Email for more info.

And if you can, take some time and call the On Air line and let those inside know why you are not pledging money this year!

416-345-8810 and 416-595-8810 are the numbers to call.

Support the reclamation of CKLN, by the people and for the people!

"Jam the lines, because the lines are broken; Jam the lines, because the people have spoken!!" Nik Redman (locked-out host/producer, AfroTransit)

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