Monday, September 15, 2008

CUPE 1281 fights firings at CKLN-FM

"The struggle to negotiate a first contract at CKLN-FM, Ryerson University's student supported campus/community radio station, has turned into a fight against the illegal firing of two staff.

The small group of paid staff at the mostly volunteer station voted to join CUPE 1281 almost a year ago. Well into the negotiation process, management argued that news director Kirstin Schwartz and music director Tien Providence should not be in the bargaining unit – a case usually made when a bargaining unit certifies and one that the employer could still try to make today at the Canada Industrial Relations Board.

Management's solution? Forget the Board; fire the workers. Schwartz, who had just returned to work from parental leave, and Providence were terminated in a move that CUPE 1281 calls clearly illegal.

You can help this Sister and Brother to be re-instated in their jobs by sending a message to CKLN management."


Anonymous said...

When will someone hire a lawyer? It seems like no one is fighting to win. If you're going to play the game of impeaching the board, you need to follow through. If you can't, your bluff will be called. The opposition is crumbling. Soon the union will be decertified. Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

Yes - please file a lawsuit. At the same time, though, encourage people to make a minimum donation to become community members, and fight it out at whatever AGM gets called.

Anonymous said...

And if someone knows the name of a good lawyer who is willing to work pro bono and believes in community radio, pass it on!