Friday, August 8, 2008

Missing from the Grid: Archived audio from locked out hosts and producers

Here are some links to audio archived at Radio 4 All that showcases some of the programs, content, hosts and producers which have been unjustly removed from the airwaves by Mike Phillips and Tony Barnes (with the consent and approval of the illegal board which now controls CKLN). Enjoy and please keep on signing the petition and participating at pickets! Your support and solidarity means a lot!!

OCAP News coverage of Day of Action Against Poverty

Stef Gude for OCAP News focuses on Six Nations land reclamation efforts

Friday WOM Interview exploring the racism underlying Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto

Susy Alvarez feature piece on singer/artist Lila Downs for Ventana Al Barrio

Susy Alvarez contribution to the series “Free Thought Area of the Airwaves”

Heather Douglas assists on “Deconstructing Dinner”, an indie show about the politics of food

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